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Para todos la luz. Para todos todo.

The invention of a new science of democracy for the multitude is certainly an enormous task, but the general sense of the project is clear. We can recognize the need for it in the real and urgent grievances and demands of so many through the world—and from where would the power to realize such a project come if not from the desires of the multitude?

The imagination is not only holy, it is precise
it is not only fierce, it is practical
men die everyday for the lack of it,
it is vast & elegant

The protesters do not accept the idea of living in a world defined for so many by fear, injustice, poverty, and unfreedom.  Even those who express a guarded skepticism about the possibility of substantial changes in the short term still recognize that these current forms of domination, violence, mystification, alienation, and expropriation cannot continue long in our new reality: the common languages, common practices, and forms of production of our society run counter to the forms of command. In short, our dreams make necessary (if not yet possible) another world. The global scale seems increasingly like the only imaginable horizon for change, and real democracy the only feasible solution.

We want freedom.


What we propose today, then, is not repeating old rituals and tired slogans but on the contrary going back to the drawing board, taking up research again, launching a new investigation in order to formulate a new science of society and politics. Conducting such a social investigation is not about piling up statistics or mere sociological facts; it is a matter of calling on ourselves to grasp the present biopolitical needs and imagine the possible conditions of a new life, immersing ourselves in the movements of history and the anthropological transformations of subjectivity. A new science of the production of wealth and political constitution aimed at global democracy can emerge only from this new ontology.

We would replace power rooted in possession, privilege, or circumstance by power and uniqueness rooted in love, reflectiveness, reason, and creativity.

Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness—and our ability to tell our own stories.

Ágil o teatro, filho do saltimbanco. Ágil e ilógico. Ágil o romance, nascido da invenção. Ágil a poesia.


We need to invent new weapons for democracy today…We need to create weapons that are not merely destructive but are themselves forms of constituent power, weapons capable of constructing democracy and defeating the armies of Empire.

Lift up your eyes upon
This day breaking for you.
Give birth again
To the dream.


We can recognize, however, that there is the unbridgeable gap that separates the desire for democracy, the production of the common, and the rebellious behaviors that express them from the global system of sovereignty… We can already recognize that today time is split between a present that is already dead and a future that is already living—and the yawning abyss between them is becoming enormous. In time, an event will thrust us like an arrow into that living future. This will be the real political act of love.

you can have what you ask for, ask for



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Each issue of Commoner Revista explores a single theme from a multitude of perspectives. A proposed list of initial issues:

#1: Who Is/Quién Es América?
#2: A Common Cause/Una Causa Común
#3: The Commons/Los Comunes
#4: Language y Liberación
#5: Generation Regeneración
#6: Sage Femme
#7: Blanco + Negro
#8: (Amor (Radical) Love)
#9: Congregate/Congregar
#10: Wall Is Over/Se Acaba El Muro
The Circus We Have Already/El Circo Ya Tenemos 
#12: Divine Grace/Gracia Divina

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